This ‘Penny Ball’ Is A Must Have For Your Garden…For So Many Reasons!

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This super cool penny ball is truly a must for your garden! Why you ask? Well, there are a few great reasons actually! ūüôā

penny ball4


For starters, it looks pretty awesome and second, the ball serves to repel slugs and snails! So if your garden typically gets trampled by slugs, then consider making a penning ball this year.

penny ball1


These are so easy and fun to make too! Here is how!

penny ball7


Round up a bunch of pennies (cheap enough) and an old bowling ball to make this unique garden sphere! 

You have to use a really strong glue like Amazing Goop because it is UV resistant and waterproof. If you can find a similar glue in the home and garden or marine section of your local hardware store, that will work too!

penny ball2


You simply glue the pennies onto the bowling ball and voila…your new garden decoration is complete! Finding a used bowling ball shouldn’t be too hard. We found one at our local thrift store…many to be exact!

penny ball8

That’s it! Now you can continue to let those creative juices flow and be creative in your placement of your new penny ball! Make a few different sized penny balls to really spice things up!

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