Brother Photoshops ‘Pennywise’ The Clown Into His Sisters Engagement Photos

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pennywise engagement photos

These engagement photos are going viral…and for good reason!

A couple was planning their engagement photos when the bride-to-be reached out to her brother, asking him to photoshop some pics.

Her brother, Jesse McLaren, accepted the request, but put a very creepy spin on it that has since gone viral on Twitter.

McLaren posted the pictures on Twitter with the caption, “My sister asked me to shoot her engagement pics so I hid Pennywise the Clown in every photo. Countdown until she notices.”

It didn’t take long for the engaged lovers to notice that there was something a little off about their pics! 

Just in case you live under a rock…Pennywise is the killer clown from Stephen King’s ‘IT’. 

pennywise engagement photos

The bride, and sister, responded in a text to McLaren, which he posted on his Instagram.

“On one hand, I really hope that you get the help you need. On the other…I totally want to use these,” his sister wrote.

She found him

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What are brothers for, right?

The couple decided to actually use one of the photos as a ‘Save The Date’ card for the wedding!