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Have you got hobbies? If not, consider collecting different stuff. In fact, there are a lot of things to be collected. But not everything is esthetical, luxurious, and classic. Stylographs are!

Compiling a fine collection of writing instruments may be not simple, especially, if you want each specimen of the range to have a unique design, style, engraving, etc. So how to build a good and interesting stylograph collection for beginners? Which stylographs to include in it? What are the basic tips for choosing a unique pen to fit your hand? We will reveal everything in this short guide for new buyers.

How to select?

When picking a stylograph for a gift or for yourself, consider a number of characteristics.

  1. Writing style. The tools you use need to fit the handwriting. If you, for example, have small handwriting, fountain pens aren’t the best options for you because their nibs are too large. Ballpoint specimens, on the other hand, don’t suit people who hold their instruments at an acute angle. Due to this peculiarity and the structure of a ballpoint pen, your handwriting may seem scratchy.
  2. Price. This aspect is important for beginning collectors. Unique examples can cost thousands of dollars! Thousand-dollar products aren’t variants for new buyers. Cannot afford an expensive product? Choose budget-friendly variations.
  3. Material. Some buyers add tools made from a specific material. If you fancy one material, examine which products are made of it.

Building the first affordable collection

Here are a few examples we recommend beginning purchasers to include in their first collections. All the options added in this range can be bought for a price lower than $150.

  1. An instrument fitting your handwriting. Every collector need to possess writing stuff for everyday use. This choice may be difficult to make because there is huge competition in this category. You might lack knowledge about your specific handwriting and the peculiarities of specific tool types. Make sure to follow one simple criterion – the tool must be so suitable so as you could conveniently write with it every day.
  2. Shiny thing. Your first range needs to include something fancy because this is a common choice. There is a great selection of shiny products, so you can examine the entire assortment of options. If you are looking for something shiny, your choice is unlimited thanks to the wide variety of variants.
  3. Pocket pen. A lot of retailers sell pocket things coming in different colors. Many options come at an affordable price, some might even cost less than $100. A pocket instrument must be in your first range because it will make it more diversified.

Where to purchase?

How to start? Buy Ancora pens! The online store has a wide assortment of luxury stylographs for experienced collectors. Select an exclusive Italian writing instrument to accomplish your collection, or buy an entire collection without looking for separate specimens! Make the best decision and start gathering cool classic things right now.