Berkeley Doctor States That People Die Of Chemotherapy, Not Cancer.

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People Die Of Chemotherapy Not Cancer

Chemotherapy kills Human, NOT Cancer says Dr. Peter Glidden.

A former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California says that people without chemotherapy live for at least 12 years and a half more than people who choose to battle cancer with chemotherapy.

According to his words, chemotherapy is created only for the benefits of health care, since each costs between 300,000 and 1,500,000 dollars. Studies show that in the future, every second male and every third woman will have cancer. The fact is that cancer treatment is unsuccessful and the symptoms are getting worse and worse.

Doctor Dr. Hardin says chemotherapy is unsuccessful in 97% of cases. Chemotherapy in fact kills everything – cancer cells but also the healthy ones. This is the reason that the condition of patients is most often worsened after chemo.

Dr. Hardin, who has been working with cancer cells for 25 years, has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy only destroys life, and does not help with cancer.

»People who refuse chemotherapy live at least 12-years longer than those who opt for such treatment. Those who take chemotherapy live for at most 3-years and some die within a few weeks.«