People React To Viral Video Of ‘Elizabeth From Knoxville’, Who Illegally Breached U.S. Capitol

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Angry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in a crazy protest aimed at derailing a peaceful transfer of power, forcing lawmakers to be rushed from the building.

As Congress works to certify President-Elect Joe Biden’s election win, one woman who identified herself only as “Elizabeth from Knoxville” is catching quite a bit of social media heat for a brief interview she gave after illegally storming Capitol Hill.

She really is just too much. 

Footage of Elizabeth claiming she was maced after trying to “storm the capitol” on Wednesday began to go viral on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok that same night.

As the nation collectively processes the violence that disrupted a peaceful transfer of power on Wednesday, the video of “Elizabeth from Knoxville” has become an platform for larger conversation online – a way to talk about police brutality, white privilege, and the chaos of the day within one twenty-eight second video.

The video, taken by reporter Hunter Walker, shows her walking through the crowd with some dude by her side. Walker stops her to ask what happened.

“I got maced,” she says, wiping her eyes with a blue towel. “By the police,” the man next to her clarifies.

Walker then asks if she was trying to get into the capitol.

“Yeah! I made it like a foot inside and they pushed me out, and they maced me,” she said.

She then tells Walker her name is Elizabeth, and that she is from Knoxville, Tennessee.

When asked by Walker what she was doing there, she is forthright in her response.

“We’re storming the Capitol!” she replies. “It’s a revolution!”

Some reactions to the video taken of Elizabeth are mirthful; people poke fun at her apparent shock that she would encounter resistance while trying to, in her own words, “storm the capitol” for a “revolution.”

Despite all the laughs due to the ridiculousness of Elizabeth’s interview, the footage of ‘Elizabeth’ largely drew angry reactions online.

Many people called for her to be prosecuted with a crime.

There is no  update in regards to Elizabeth’s well being, her eyes or if she is still ‘free’ to walk about society and continue revolutions.