People Who Got Called Out Big Time Online

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There is something satisfying about watching someone get called out on their online shenanigans. Whether it is a simple comment on social media that stretches the truth, or someone who makes up complete stories that you know are complete BS. Watching someone call them out, is simply awesome!

Here are a few instances where people shared ridiculous things to social media platforms and were immediately called out by their peers!

1. The 9/11 lie.

2. The old passing a meme as your own picture lie!

3. The give me money because I’m fake pregnant and have no money lie.

4. The good old passing off a filtered picture as a painting lie.

5. Don’t tag people in your lies!

6. Can’t troll a troller.

7. When science rules.

8. Always check your photos before tossing our lies online!

9. Knowledge is power!

10. What is wrong with some of these parents?

11. Again with the parental lies!

12. You should always block classmates when lying about events that took place in class.

13. Again…knowledge is power!

14. Friendly lies gone wrong.

15. Mom’s know best!

16. Calling out big business!

17. The called out cheater!

18. The Snapchat liar!