Person Breaks Into A Private Home To Smoke Weed And Instead Finds A 300-Pound Tiger Staring Back At Him

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A person looking for an area to smoke weed entered a vacant house through the garage in Houston, Texas, thinking this would be the perfect place to get high. Instead, he found a large, female tiger starting back at him from her cage that was flimsily secured with a nylon strap.

The person the called 311 to report the tiger, and when the police found out the reason of this man being in the house, they thought he was hallucinating.


Jason Alderete, a sergeant in Houston Police Department’s livestock animal cruelty unit told ABC13 that “a concerned citizen called 311. They were trying to get into this house to smoke marijuana. We questioned them as to whether they were under the effects of drugs or they actually saw a tiger.” Still skeptical of the caller’s report, animal officers from the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC) decided to go to the house, just in case they weren’t dealing with a bogus call. They obtained a warrant to enter the premises and, sure enough, they found the 300-pound tiger on February 11, 2019 and immediately reported it to the Houston police. “We were greeted by a medium-sized tiger inside a small cage, much too small for his size,” Jarrad Mears, division manager for City of Houston Animal Enforcement with BARC reported. “He was very friendly and began chuffing at us, which in ‘tiger-speak’ is a friendly greeting.”


Although the owner of the tiger and home has not been identified, BARC and the Houston Police Department are happy to announce that the tiger will be able to happily live in the Black Beauty Ranch located in Murchison, Texas. Mears is very grateful to have made sure about the situation, before concluding that the very random phone call was a prank.

“The one thing I’ve learned in my 15 years of experience is to expect the unexpected,” Mears said. “I’m so happy to report that this guy is going to a place where she’ll be loved and receive the appropriate care and attention that she deserves.”