Philadelphia Airport Offers ‘Dumb’ Food Delivery Robot That Needs A Human Helper, Aka ‘A Server’

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Well if this isn’t the most ridiculous and pointless use of technology we have ever seen! Who comes up with this stuff?

On Monday, the Philadelphia International Airport launched a robotic food delivery program using gita robots developed by Piaggio Fast Forward.

Each gita robot can hold up to 40-pounds of food in its cargo bin, where customers’ orders are kept.

Ok, while that seems somewhat cool — the kicker is — the robot delivers the food to customers while following a human helper.

So why one earth doesn’t the human helper, just deliver the food?

When a traveler at PHL orders food from one of the airport’s restaurants or shops through, or the app, they can choose the robotic delivery option for a fee of $2.99, according to PhillyVoice.

Once their food is ready, the gita is loaded up and follows an AtYourGate employee through the airport – using visual sensors and Bluetooth – to the traveler who made the order.