Philadelphia Eagles Fans Turn Into Disgusting Savages, Destroying Their City After Super Bowl Victory

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What started on the streets of Philadelphia as a joyous celebration of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl championship Sunday night, quickly turned rowdy and destructive as night gave way to morning.

Boisterous fans smashed a Macy’s store window, looters broke into a convenience store and other revelers flipped over a car, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Talk about a disgusting display of unnecessary conduct. I’m sure the Eagles player were thrilled to see that their victory was the reasoning behind their own fans causing so much destruction to the city that the team represents.

Video posted to social media showed the awning outside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel collapsing with more than a dozen people on it, but it was unclear if there were any injuries.

Rowdy fans could also be seen looting and trashing a Sunoco gas station, with some yelling “everything is free!”