The Piano Guys | 88 Piano Keys Control 500,000 Christmas Lights!

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The Piano Guys are known for setting up their piano’s in incredible places all over the world. From the middle of a field to the Great Wall Of China, they have played in some pretty freaking cool places!

In their newly released Christmas video, they set up a piano in a regular neighborhood, right on the front lawn of an everyday home.

The piano was hooked up to a control system where each key of the piano would control a particular set of 500,000 Christmas lights! Once the piano was hooked up, the song “Saw Three Ships” was performed.

Here are some fun facts about the production of the video straight from the Piano Guys!

  • This was really filmed in the middle of the night, as you may have guessed.
  • 500,000 Christmas lights “starred” in this display (that’s a half-million, people!!)
  • 4,900 digital channels were utilized to ensure that the entire spectrum of the piano’s keyboard was featured brilliantly.
  • 46,000 watts of juice were pumped to electrify this pizazz!
  • A camera attached to a drone served as the primary angle to capture the captivating Christmas Spirit of these festive homes.
  • The piano was actually being played.
  • The police actually did show up. For real. (We’d like to thank them for their kindness and mercy. ?
    No pianists were harmed or jailed in the making of this video