Her Picture Was Stolen & Turned Into A Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme On Facebook

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When Kelly attended a “This is what a feminist looks like” campaign at her university she did nothing out of the ordinary. She took pictures, enjoyed her time with friends and spoke about things that were important to her and millions of other women around the globe. Kelly never expected that one of the pictures she took that day, would end up changing her life forever.

Kelly wasn’t scared to share pics of herself online or to post a profile picture. In fact, she always enjoyed sharing pictures of herself with friends or in the Facebook pages she helped run for different groups she’s involved with at her university.

That was, until she received a strange message from someone on OkCupid :


At first, Kelly thought someone was just messing with her, but she felt that the message did have a certain level of sincerity that made her curious. She asked the person to send her the link of the Facebook page they saw the picture on, and while she waited for their response, Kelly did her own investigating. She checked many of the Facebook and Reddit pages that she felt would possibly be sharing such a hateful meme. She didn’t find anything that night, but in the morning the kind soul on OkCupid had messaged her back with a link.


Notice the last comment….really???

At first, she was in shock and upset. Kelly posted it in a closed Facebook group and asked folks to help her report it. About a dozen or so folks reported it and Kelly herself reported it and waited for Facebook to take it away. When she finally got a response, Facebook told her it didn’t violate their Community Standards. She requested another review and received this reply:


“We remove content if it’s required by relevant privacy laws in the country you’re writing from. Since you’re an adult writing in the US, we won’t be able to remove this content for violating your privacy.”

Not wanting to just sit back and let someone steal her photo, Kelly took action. Posting the photo to her own Facebook page, primarily to avoid having her friends worried they had found it and were now responsible for telling her.


Once Kelly had “exposed” what happened, she started working on her actual response. The biggest miss the creator of her meme made was not realizing the point of the ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like’ campaigns; the point is to draw attention to the fact that feminists are not all the same.

So in response, Kelly started a tumblr, ‘We Are What Feminists Look Like’. People started submitting pictures and showing their support.


This experience taught Kelly “that while one cruel person can ruin my morning, I have an entire community of friends, family, and feminists to back me up”.

This happens to people every day and will sadly continue, but the more people like Kelly that exist on the internet, the more ridiculous the haters will look:-)

Way to fight back Kelly! We salute you! 

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