Pigeon That Can’t Fly And Puppy With Special Needs Form Adorable Friendship

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An adorable friendship is blossoming at a New York non profit center.

Herman the pigeon and Lundy the Chihuahua puppy bonded after having to share the same dog bed at The Mia Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to giving pets with birth defects a fighting chance.

Herman, is a permanent resident at The Mia Foundation, and has been there for several years. He was nursed back to health after being found motionless at a car dealership for multiple days. Though Herman has recovered all of his strength and can now walk — he will forever be unable to fly.

Lundy arrived from a breeder in South Carolina when he was just 4-weeks-old and does not have the use of his back legs.

When the pigeon and the puppy first met, it was from “afar,” sitting on opposite sides of a dog bed. But the two quickly gravitated toward one another, PEOPLE reported.

“The way they interacted was so cute,” Sue Rogers, who founded The Mia Foundation in 2012 told PEOPLE.

Rogers posted photos of the duo bonding on Facebook and they are melting hearts everywhere. The attention that these two cuties have gained on social media has sparked many donations to be made to the non profit!

While Herman will stay at The Mia Foundation, Rogers hopes to help Lundy get healthy and find a forever home, PEOPLE reported. Rogers is hoping that Lundy will be able to walk with the help of a wheelchair, but he’s too small right now, only weighing 17 ounces.

How adorable though!

The Mia Foundation has helped over 1,000 animals and continues to give animals in need, a second chance.

For more information on the foundation or to make a donation, click here.