Pink Pineapples Are The Newest Instagram Food Sensation

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Marianna Massey / Getty Images

It looks like the vibrant color pink and the sweet flavorful pineapple has paired together to make the ultimate ‘happy fruit’! 

The strange new strain has actually been in development by Del Monte Fresh Produce since 2005, but the pictures of their hot pink perfection began to surface again last week. Now they’re taking over Instagram feeds just in time for summer!

pink pineapples


The main question people have about this strange, yet attractive looking fruit is…’Are they safe to eat?’

Well, yes they are…and even the FDA says so as they slapped an approval stamp on the funky fruit last December!

They are however, genetically modified. Del Monte, which received the patent to create that signature “extra sweet pink flesh pineapple,” appropriately named Rosé, in 2012, turned the pineapples pink using lycopene, the substance that gives tomatoes their fire engine red color, and makes watermelons pink as well, meaning you’ve probably already safely eaten plenty of lycopene in your life.

pink pineapples


The pineapples are grown in Hawaii and Costa Rica and you will soon be able to find them at your local grocery store! 

You will be the hit of your summer BBQ when you show up with a few of these bad girls!