Surgery Loving Model Spends Over $120k To Look Like A Cartoon Character With 14″ Waist

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pixee fox living cartoon model

A surgery loving model has had six ribs removed just to look like a cartoon character. Meet former electrician Pixee Fox, from North Carolina, USA, who has already spent more than $120,000 on plastic surgery attempting to sculpt the perfect hourglass figure on her body.

Pixee grew up in a small town of Sweden but never felt like she belonged. She always felt like she had to go somewhere and do something, to surround herself with people who are more like her. So she moved to America to live her American dream and she immediately embarked on a series of cosmetic procedures in order to look more like her favorite animated characters.

Pixee Fox before her surgeries.

She explains that her inspiration started off with Tinkerbell, but along her body transformations she started to look like Jessica Rabbit.

Pixee Fox

Along the process, she took her obsession even further by having her lower ribs removed in order to shrink her waist to a record-breaking 14 inches. In order to maintain her extreme figure, the 25-year-old sticks to a strict exercise and diet regime and wears a corset 24-hours a day.

She has over 70,000 followers on Instagram, but even some of them were shocked when she announced her next surgery, removal of six ribs to allow her to corset her waist even tighter. The procedure will cost her $9,000.

Plastic surgeon Dr Barry Eppley performed an extreme five-hour keyhole surgery operation on her in Indianapolis, Indiana in October.

This procedure cost her roughly $8,000 and is an irreversible operation. The operation is usually performed for medical reasons, but can be used for cosmetic purposes after extensive medical consultation.

Pixieis now proud to flaunt her extremely tiny 14-inch waist.