Pizza-Flavored Candy Canes Are Here Just In Time For The Holidays

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Tired of the old, boring mint flavored red and white candy canes? Enjoy pizza? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you are in luck!

Archie McPhee, a retailer that specializes in “strange and amazing things” is selling pizza-flavored candy canes in packs of six. The red-and-yellow treats are the standard candy cane shape and size, but their flavor is more pepperoni than peppermint.

The McPhee website says they are “not baked in a wood fire oven” and each cane is like “a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven.” They do sound strange, but I can’t wait to try them out.

The candy canes are striped with yellow and red:


A pack of the pizza candy canes sells for $6 on the website.

Pizza not your thing? There are other crazy flavors offered by Archie McPhee. You can also get bacon candy canes and kale candy canes!

McPhee also has such oddities as a Mac & Cheese Candy Cane set and Hamdy Canes — which taste like slices of ham.

The flavored candy canes are in keeping with the Archie McPhee motto, “We make weird.” The brand offers a bunch of novelty gift items, such as these finger hands:

Each pair of hands is $3.95 so they are pretty much a no brainer!

The fun stuff we’re finding on the Archie McPhee website makes us want to take a trip to Seattle, Washington, where the brick-and-mortar store has been open for business since 1983.

The store carries a wacky selection of candy, costumes, gifts and more. So fun!

It even has a section devoted to a popular classic toy. The Rubber Chicken Museum had its grand opening celebration last year, as seen in this video on Archie McPhee’s YouTube page:

Archie McPhee claims to have the world’s largest and smallest rubber chickens there too!