People Paid $75 To Attend A ‘Scam’ Pizza Festival And They Are Quite Cheesed About It

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People were promised an awesome festival filled with great food, entertainment and more! All for the low price of just $75. However, that wasn’t the case. 

The New York City Pizza festival was promoted as “a day long celebration of the dough, cheese, tasty sauces and delicious toppings” with a “uniquely authentic island cuisine experience” and“local seafood, Bahamian-style sushi and even a pig roast.”

When paying guests showed up, they are severely disapointed. 

“It was like the people from Fyre Festival decided to throw a pizza party,” Connell Burke told Gothamist. “It was my girlfriend’s birthday so I got the VIP tickets, so I spent $150 total for the two tickets. There’s three pop-up tents to my left, one where they’re taking cold pizzas out of delivery boxes and cutting them.”

Syl Wia/Facebook

“This thing is a joke!!! 4 tents, plates with small slices, over an hr wait to get in and we are still waiting now!!” wrote one guest. “Don’t bother peeps!”

Chip Shannon/Facebook

“Those pictures don’t do it justice,” continued Burke. “Because they look like they’re normal-sized plates but they’re actually cake-sized, like what you’d use for cake at a children’s birthday party. They’re small, tiny little slivers of pizza.”

“I imagined it would be like, Roberta’s has a brick oven pizza that they tow, there’d be all these different vendors, all this different kind of pizza. And there was none of that,” one attendee said.

The organizers actually addressed some of these concerns the day of and asked people not to come.

“Hi guys, we’ve been hit by an incredible amount of delays in pizza delivery. Fresh, diverse, and delicious pizza was supposed to be delivered every 30 minutes,” they wrote by 7 p.m. on Saturday. “A make-up tasting will be announced shortly. Sincere apologies. Please do not come for the rest of the night’s tastings. Apologies for inconvenience!”

Posted by Jeremy Sample on Saturday, September 9, 2017

Check out that DJ booth!

There is now a Facebook page set up where folks are threatening legal action.