These Two Kids Have Mastered The Art Of Spinning And Slinging Pizza Dough!

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Brothers Michael and Nicholas Testa are pizza tossing prodigy’s! The talented pair have gone viral after video surfaced of them spinning and slinging pizza dough at their father’s pizzeria.

Carmine Testa posted a video to the official Facebook page for his sons, Michael and Nicholas, showing the boys tossing a rubber practice pizza dough back and forth to demonstrate their pie-slinging skills.

This isn’t the first bout of fame for the 12 and 10 year old brothers. The duo has showed off their skills on various television shows, including Rachel Ray, The Chew, Dr. Oz. Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey, the Steve Harvey Show, and Access Hollywood Live, but the video he recorded in February at his Jersey City restaurant, Carmine’s Pizza Factory, is their first viral hit.

Check it out below! 


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