Planters Is Hiring New Drivers For Its NUTMobile

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If you have ever dreamed of cruising the countryside in a large peanut vehicle — you are in luck!

The Planters company is looking for new drivers to take over the wheel on their massive NUTmobile. Dare to dream!

The selected job applicant will be given a chance to visit “nationally televised parades and professional sporting events” in their official capacity as a Planters driver. They will also also be given the opportunity to visit local grocery stores during their openings. Local events will also enlist various “Peanutters” to stop by.

Before driving the 12,000 pound, 12-foot high nut, the chosen applicant will have to partake in a training session at Planters that covers everything you need to know about their history and their products.

To qualify as an applicant, you are going to need a Bachelor’s degree and a valid driver’s license. You are also going to have to stay in short-term corporate housing and hotel rooms over the course of the next year. If you want your application to be considered, make sure that it has been turned in by February 19. You can apply here.

Bust a nut ya’ll!