Police Officer Tells Mouthy Teen To Fight Him And He Won’t Arrest Him

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police officer fights teen

Body camera footage shows the violent altercation with a loud-mouthed teenager that led to an Illinois police officer being charged with a felony.

Investigators on Monday released the video showing Springfield Police Officer Samuel Rosario, 32, arguing with and finally punching a 19-year-old male.

Rosario, who is on unpaid administrative leave from the department, has been charged with two counts of battery and felony official misconduct.

police officer fights teen

The disturbing incident unfolded as Rosario was responding to a domestic incident, in which a mother had called police to complain that her 16-year-old daughter had destroyed a glass table.

The video shows Rosario arriving on the front lawn of the house to speak to the mother while the 19-year-old male sweeps up glass from the broken porch table.

As Rosario questions the mother, the male spouts off about what the girl should be charged with and curses at the police for not keeping her locked up.

Rosario continues to take the complaint information as another officer searches the neighborhood for the girl. The teenage male butts in incessantly, demanding the officer’s badge number and cursing at him.

About 10 minutes into the confrontation, Rosario looses his patience with the loud-mouthed teenager and challenges him to back up his taunts, promising not to arrest him.

‘I’m not even gonna tase you, I’m not even going to mace you, I’m just gonna give you these hands and you still run your mouth and you’re still scared,’ says Rosario.

When the male still shies from a fight, Rosario shoves him back up against the house, and his body camera falls off in the scuffle.

A second body camera, worn by a backup officer arriving at the scene, shows Rosario grappling upright with the male, and then slamming him to the ground.

Rosario throws repeated punches at the male after tackling him. He releases the male, who gets up without apparent serious injury.

True to his word, Rosario tells the backup officer not to arrest the male, and explains to the other cop that the male ‘was running his mouth.’