Police Release Video Of 93-Year-Old Man Calmly Shooting Apartment Manager Twice Over Water Damage

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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have released video of a 93-year-old man shooting his apartment manager reportedly over water damage.

In a press briefing Monday, Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman unveiled the jaw-dropping footage, which showed the nonagenarian calmly walking into the apartment complex manager’s office before shooting the helpless man twice.

Thomas has no criminal history and was reportedly upset his apartment had flooded and blamed management staff, so he brought along a Glock 9mm to show him how upset he truly was.

Security footage shows Thomas walking into the office on January 2, wearing a black coat and hat, and talking to the manager and his assistant. A few moments later he calmly removes the handgun from his inside pocket. At that point, the assistant calls 911.

Without any concerns, Thomas points the gun at a wall and fires a warning shot; the bullet goes through the assistants computer screen and into a wall.

At that point, the assistant asks if she can leave and Thomas allows her to go. It was at that point, Thomas aims the gun at the managers leg and fires another round, sending him crumpling to the floor.

Just like a scene out of a mafia movie, Thomas stands over the man as he wiggles around on the floor in pain. Then, Thomas carefully draws the gun, takes aim and fires a second shot into the victims other leg.

Seconds later, a police officer arrives, shoots a bullets through the glass door just before opening it and demanding Thomas put the gun down. Thomas obliges and places the gun on the desk. At that point, the officer takes Thomas to the ground and arrests him.

The apartment manager was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

According to prosecutors, Thomas told police that he would do it again. He told the court that he didn’t want to kill the victim, just “mess him up a little.”