Guy Builds Massive Pool Table In His Backyard And Starts A ‘Knokkers’ Game Craze!

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Now this is something every backyard needs to have! If you entertain guests often and are into outdoor games…you may want to get to work after seeing this! 

Knokkers is one of those rare athletic endeavors that combines jumbo-sized billiards and bowling…and it doesn’t get much better than that! 

pool bowling knokkers backyard

Invented by former cage fighter Steve Wienecke, Knokkers couldn’t be more simple; the rules are the same as 8-ball pool, except you roll the 6-pound balls instead of using 8-foot long cue.

This creation was certainly a labor-intensive installation in Wienecke’s Fredericktown, Missouri backyard. But he’s working on a portable version—including 6 pound balls that can stand up to the rigors of constant collision—and plans to distribute it to bars with large backyards and whimsical patrons.

pool bowling knokkers backyard

Even Jimmy Fallon played Knokkers during one of his late night shows!