This Awesome In-Pool Rock Climbing Wall Will Change How You Make A Splash This Summer

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This awesome Rock Climbing Wall brings innovative and original recreation, fitness solutions to your back yard pool!

This monster is called the AquaClimb, and it’s a rock climbing wall that attaches to the side of your pool. The AquaClimb offers a variety of climbing walls, and if that’s not enough you can  create your own.   The most favorite model and best selling is the AquaClimb Sport model, which is the one shown in these pictures.



The climbing wall is made of sturdy stainless steel frame that attaches to the side of the pool.   This model is 30 feet high…WoW!!!  The safety regulations states that your pool should be at least 7 feet deep.



The price point on these runs from anywhere between $6,500 – $10,000, rather pricey for most home owners to put up but what a statement they make and it’s hard to put a price on fun.




If the price is too steep and your thinking you want to try this out, call your local pools and ask if they have the climbing wall.  For most day visits to a pool it cost around $5 – $10 and it could be the cheapest way to try this bad boy out.



Want more information on this product? You can check out the AquaClimb here.  This would totally boost your pools fun factor and keep the kids busy for hours…that is…if you can get the adults off of it first!

If the rock climbing wall is to much for you and you would rather pop a cold one and relax…you will want to try this Aqua lily Pad instead!


Whatever you choose for fun this summer be safe and have fun.  Cheers!!!!!!


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