Watching People Trying To Eat ‘Poo’ Shaped Pudding Is Nearly Impossible

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If you have a weak stomach…I will warn you…this is hard to watch. Grossssss!

poop pudding

A dessert shop in Putham Thani makes surprisingly shaped sticky treats that have proved extremely poop-ular among locals.

However Wilaiwan Dessert shop owner Mee-Nguen’s poop-shaped puddings haven’t proved such a hit with everyone. The poo-lookalike proved too much for one little boy who couldn’t quite hold down his dessert in a video released Monday.

Mee-Nguen said customers have rushed to her bakery to sample the pudding and photos of people consuming the unusual jellys have gone viral online.

Though the poo puddings may not look edible, they are in fact formed of coconut milk and fruit syrup.