Pooper Scooper Robot Will Find, Detect And Automatically Pick Up Your Dog’s Poo

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Having a pet offers a ton of awesome perks! From warm cuddles to warm welcomes when you come home from a long day! They also have some other awesome little surprises – little (or big) poopies that they deposit all around the exterior of your home! Those are not so awesome!

There isn’t a dog owner out there that loves to pick up dog s**t! Lets face it, no pet owner is waking up in the morning and thinking “Man, I hope I get to pick up my dog’s s**t today!”. Lucky for all pet owners, there is a robot that will the dirty deed for you!

The machine, called Beetl, is equipped with computer vision and front cameras to help them seek out the dog sh*t, and once it lays eyes on the feces, the robot moves directly over it and uses a mechanical claw to scoop it up. Absolutely brilliant, right?

The robot has its own little sealed container that it holds the poo in until it can be emptied.

In addition to successfully detecting excrement, Beetl’s sensors also allow it to avoid any obstacles in its way and stay within a set perimeter. All the owner needs to do is set boundaries on your lawn, then allow the robot to roam around and ‘sniff out’ your dog’s poop.


The artificial intelligence (AI) can be connected to a cloud network, so it will continue learning on it’s own. Your poop picker-upper is always learning new s**t!

Unfortunately, the machinery is still in the testing stage, which means for now, you’ll have to get back out there and pick up your poop by hand.