Get A Rush While You Brush With This Caffeinated Toothpaste!

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Drinking coffee while brushing your teeth? That is complete nonsense! Unless, you can get the caffeine in your coffee directly from your toothpaste. The taste of minty freshness, caffeinated. Power Toothpaste says it’s here to give you “a rush while you brush.”

Power Toothpaste has been injected with caffeine, which will apparently absorb through your gums into your bloodstream as you suds up your mouth with it. The initial jolt of alertness should take no more than 10 seconds to hit, and a single brush will deliver the caffeine equivalent of 1 cup of coffee.

Each Power Toothpaste tube contains a 90-day supply or, if you want to break it down to Starbucks terms, $260 worth of caffeinated beverages. S-A-Weeeet!

You can grab yourself a tube for just $15 here! Power Toothpaste


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