Power Trip : Out Of Line NYPD Officer Goes Crazy On Uber Driver, Gets Demoted

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Now this is a rather disturbing video that has recently surfaced and is taking the internet by storm.  A New York police officer pulls over an Uber driver for a traffic violation and the officer quickly becomes very out of line.  Uber is an online car service, much like a taxi. People schedule rides via the Uber cell phone app, pay a fare and are on their way.

Clearly the Uber driver depicted in the video is of foreign nationality and I can’t help but notice the officer seems to have a personal vendetta out for him because of his ethnicity, seems like a bit of racial profiling is going on.  The only good part about this situation is that the Uber client in the backseat filmed the entire situation on his cell phone, giving us a front seat…(well, back seat) view.

It is clear to see just how distraught the driver is and how he simply can not say anything right in the officers eyes. News outlets have just announced that the officer in question has been demoted.  What do you think of this situation?

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Source : Youtube