VIDEO | Jimmy Kimmel Proves President Trump Has An OCD Side.

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The Jimmy Kimmel show, like all other late night talk shows…pokes fun of President Donald Trump often. In a recent segment, Kimmel put together a video montage of President Trump’s OCD tendencies.

A viewer of the Kimmel show let the staff know, that he noticed whenever President Trump sits down somewhere, at a desk, table, etc….he moves things.

The video that Kimmel collection did in fact prove that every time President Trump sits down at a table or desk…he obsessively moves things around him. Whether it is a coffee cup, paper and pen or a notebook…he moves it! In one part of the video, President Trump moved the glass of water that was in front of the guy sitting next to him! 🙂

Check it out below!

Donald Trump Moves Stuff Around

The President may be a little OCD…

Posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, March 24, 2017

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