Prince Built A Secret Vault Filled With Thousands Of Unreleased Tracks

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Prince had a staggering secret vault of more than two thousand unreleased songs.

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Prince built a secret vault of thousands of unreleased tracks at his Paisley Park estate

Prince sold more than 100 million records during his career. But it can be revealed the pop legend’s Paisley Park estate is home to a vault of thousands of unreleased tracks, that we can bet are absolutely amazing.

It is known the vault includes a never-released song call Moonbeam Levels, which he recorded on July 6 1982.

Prince’s sound engineer Susan Rogers described the track as “unbelievably beautiful” and claimed it was one of his finest ever works, one of many “classics” he never released but stored in the huge vault.

The collection is so vast that an entire album of his unreleased music could be published every year for the next century. 

Although many believe the vault is just a legend or urban myth, those who have worked with the star confirmed its existence. 

It is actually a huge bank-style storage facility with a massive door and combination lock, ensuring maximum security.

He recorded a lot of his music at his Paisley Park Studio, which he created in 1985

Susan Rogers added, it was his legacy that needed protecting, so they built a secure storing area similar to a bank.

When she left in 1987, the vault was full of “row after row after row” of his tapes – most of which was not released.

We can only hope that as the years go by we are able to hear some of this unreleased music from the musical genius we know as Prince. #Prince

Rest easy Prince.  

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