Printed Memories Has Revolutionalized The Way We Print Photos

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It’s safe to say that our lives are on our phones. There’s an app for every single thing imaginable, from gaming to appointments, to time tracking; it’s all there at the push of a button!

But what about when you don’t want to keep every inch of your life on your phone? Some things are much better in person. Take photos, for instance – Facebook albums and Instagram feeds are a great technological development, but sometimes the digital just doesn’t replace the physical.

That’s where photo books come in.


How They Work

Like the traditional photo album, photo books provide the perfect place to store your favorite snaps. They eliminate the time spent organizing traditional albums by printing your photos directly into the book – you no longer need to sit and sort through them all. And you don’t need any fancy tools or gadgets, either. In the digital age, photo books are a simple, easy way to get your photos from your device into your (and your loved ones’) hands.


Introducing Printed Memories 

Printed Memories goes one step further. They take all the hassle out of building a photo book by doing everything for you. They pride themselves on their four simple steps, designed for ease of use. Choose your photos from Facebook, Instagram, or your own albums – all you have to do is connect your social media and you’re ready to go! Printed Memories will import them all in a personalized book. Customize your photo book as much or as little as you want – remove those embarrassing photos you aren’t wild about showing off!


Their Four Steps

Printed Memories makes printing your memories effortless. All it takes is five minutes and four steps – it’s quicker than the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee!

1. Connect

Connect your social media platform to Printed Memories. All you need is your login details.

2. Choose Photos

With Printed Memories, you can choose from Facebook, Instagram, or your own photos.

3. Personalize

You can personalize your book as little or as much you want. And don’t forget – you can remove the photos you don’t want to immortalize in print forever. (It’s okay – we all have a few.) Pick from two sizes (small or large) and two cover types (soft or hard.)

4. Enjoy

Sit back and relax. Your photo book is on its way.


Photo Book Themes

Because they’re so easy to use, why stop at one? There are so many different ways to use photo books, and Printed Memories offers books for every single occasion.

A themed book makes a great, personalized gift; purchase a birthday photo book, or build one for your anniversary. They’re also great for any holiday; they make thoughtful Valentine’s gifts that beat a box of chocolates any day, and they’d make a unique Christmas gift. If you’re stuck on the best gift for a baby shower, or you’re looking for a personalized wedding present, Printed Memories also has themed books for that, too. Or, why not get creative and come up with your own themed book? The sky’s the limit when it comes to themes!


They’re Green, Too!

Sometimes it’s impossible to know whether the company you’re shopping from is sustainable or not. In the age of climate change, we all can’t help but be conscious of the way we shop.

But Printed Memories takes the guesswork out of it. They’ve partnered with Ecologi, which means they pledge to plant one tree for every book they print. How cool is that? You can purchase from them knowing that you’re not only protecting your memories, but you’re protecting the planet too.