Pro Jumping Tips To Increase Vertical Jump For Basketball

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Basketball is such a game which attracts a lot of people, especially the youths of this modern generation. The game requires a strong desire to perform well, and along with that, a few physical features requires attention. Apart from dribbling, dodging, tackling, tracking, and putting in a proper dunk, you need to master a tremendous vertical jump to have an impactful game. An enhanced vertical jump not only helps to dunk well but also facilitates in blocks, steal, and rebounds.

With improved individual performance also develops a good team game, confidence, and mentality. There are real possible ways to increase your vertical jumps in the game. You can following professional players advise and join training program for increase vertical jump within eight week. Some of basic guidelines mention below.

Measuring your vertical jump

Firstly, you need to know where you stand, so it is essential to measure the current height of your vertical jumps. To start with, you need a wall whose top is far from your reach. Now you need to stand close to the wall and raise your arms vertically and ask someone to mark the position till where you reach. Now you have to give your best jump, standing at that point and ask the friend to mark the entered location as well. These two positions mark the difference between your standing reach and jump capacity. You can later use this technique to measure your increased jump as you train yourself.


Warm-up to begin

For every physical sport you engage in, you must warm up your muscles to avoid injury. A warm-up can be as per your comfort and choice. You can always choose to have a pleasant treadmill walk or run, to begin with.

Planning the way

A proper blueprint gives a success irrespective of what you invest in your efforts. So, it is must for you to start by drafting your weekly and monthly plans. Also, if possible, plan for the entire training course and have a checklist ready.

Plyometric Exercises

These are the exercises which use the fullest of your muscle energy in short intervals. Quick and explode yourself is how this goes while massive energy amounts are invested. The vertical jump is undoubted to get improved if you engage in these exercises. The exercises like lunges, box jumps, jump rope, jump squats are the one which comes under plyometric stuff.


Go for Calisthenics

Callisthenics refers to bodyweight training and are generally meant for building your muscles. Calisthenics based on leg muscle helps massively to improve vertical jumps and also helps in building flexibility of your body.

Involve in some weight training

Training with weights helps you push through your limits, thereby improving your capabilities. There are specific weight training that act exclusively on your leg muscles and which need to be performed to get some good results.

Do not forget to Stretch

Stretching helps you to loosen your muscle and thereby to increase scopes of more development in terms of flexibility and vertical reaches. Stretchings like calf rise and toe touching help a lot in vertical jump improvement.