Cruel Dating Trend Called ‘Pull A Pig’ Gaining Popularity

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pull a pig dating

There is a new dating trend that is gaining popularity among online/app daters and it’s incredibly cruel.

The trend is popular among men and most often times, women are the target. More than a trend, it’s a sick and hurtful joke that no one would ever want to fall victim to.

It’s called ‘Pull A Pig’ and it’s when a group of men compete in order to attract and meet the ‘ugliest’ woman they can. As if this isn’t cruel enough, most times the men never show up to meet the woman in question.

This was the case for one woman, Sophie Stevenson as she met a man named Jesse Mateman. The two seemed to hit off and arranged to meet one another. However, the two lived rather far apart. Jesse lived in Amsterdam, while Sophie lived in Manchester, England.

Sophie met Jesse when she happened to be visiting Barcelona. While she was there, she narrowly avoided death, as she was a victim of an attack that robbed 16 people of their lives. Jesse was staying in the same hotel as Sophie and spent a few days after the attack, looking after Sophie and her friends. Sophie was under the impression Jesse was a good man.

Sophie stayed in contact with Jesse and he offered to fly to Manchester to visit her. At the last moment, he invited her to Amsterdam instead.

Sophie booked a ticket and hotel room and headed off to Amsterdam. When she landed, she called Jesse over and over again, but he never responded.

After six hours, alone in her hotel room – Sophie received a text from Jesse.


Since she has returned, she has been very vocal about sharing her story. Sophie is not going to let her embarrassment keep her from warning other women. Jesse has not spoken to Sophie since the incident took place, but we are fairly confident that karma is going to catch up to him sooner or later.

This was an extreme example of the cruel trend…however this happens quite often in local venues, such as bars and clubs. Men will attempt to embarrass and shame women, making the woman think they are interested in them – only to drop them at the end of the night.

Don’t be this person. Be nice. Be kind.