‘Puzzle Pause’ Storage Mat Let’s You Put Away Your Puzzle Without Losing Your Work

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Puzzles are fun to make, but unless you sit there for hours on end, most puzzles don’t get finished the first time around. Then, you are faced with the issue of storing your puzzle without losing any of your hard work. Most people just keep the puzzle out on a table, but that can be a pain over time. Now, there is a genius invention that will allow you to save your puzzle work and store your puzzle while you are not working on it! It’s truly genius!

They are called roll up puzzle mats and you can purchase them right on Amazon.com from $18 to $40, depending on your needs.

They are super easy to use too!

ll you have to do start your puzzling on the lightweight felt pad and then when you’re done, simply roll it up around the air-cushioned core

Your half-completed jigsaw puzzle is safe and secure. The cushioned base of the mat will ensure your pieces don’t bend, so when you’re ready to carry on, just roll out the mat and let the puzzling begin!

Check out all the different options and buy them here