Family Finds Massive ‘Hungry’ Python In Their Kitchen. You Won’t Believe What It Ate.

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First off, if you are an animal lover (especially a cat lover)…you may not want to watch the video below until the end. However…there is a happy ending 🙂 

A recent video out of Thailand is making the rounds on the internet after a massive python snake was found inside one families kitchen.

The family came home to find a the massive snake coiled up under their kitchen table. The family immediately called authorities to come and remove the intruder and when they showed up…they found more than they bargained for. 

As the authorities removed the snake, it was clear that the snake had eaten something while inside the home. The snake had a massive bulge inside it’s body and was displaying signs of forcing the meal back up. 

The snake was placed in the families driveway and it started to force what ever it had ate, back up and out the way in went in. 

Sadly, the snake had digested the families pet cat. I will never live in Thailand. Ever. 


Now, no one here speaks Thai, therefore we have zero clue if the cat at the end of the video is the cat that was swallowed. It surely doesn’t look like the cat survived…but then again…they do have 9 lives!