Questions You May Have About Live Video Surveillance For Your Home

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Live video surveillance is a pretty big deal for your home, so it isn’t surprising that you have numerous questions in your mind. Whether you have children or important valuables or want to protect your home, live surveillance is often a fool-proof way to prevent any mishaps.

You’re probably considering live surveillance for your home but don’t fully understand the ins and outs of how it works. So here’s a list of frequently asked questions and answers that might help you understand this technology in a better way. Hopefully, they leave you with clarity.

Questions about Live Video Surveillance

How Will Live Cameras Detect Suspicious Behavior?

More advanced security setups can easily detect abnormal behavior with the help of powerful AI. The AI classifies and identifies behavior as potential threats or harmless movement. Suppose you were walking calmly, identifying yourself as a non-threat, and are given access by the homeowner or are the homeowner yourself. In that case, the system will not go off immediately.

Can You Access The Live Video?

Yes, companies give you live access to video surveillance systems. If it is your property, you have every right to see what goes on in your home. More so, when something or someone displays questionable behavior, it can alert the alarms. Some security systems also allow you to monitor the property with a mobile app. This gives you easy access to the camera from wherever you are and whenever you want. And you can take the necessary actions before anything untoward happens.

How Is The Live Surveillance System Installed?

Usually, the professionals you approach for the security system install it for you if it is a high-end, complicated system. But a simple installation does not require professional assistance. You can safely install the system with the given instructions. Even if you want help with the installation, you can always ask the company for their services.

How Does The Alarm Go Off In The Case Of Abnormal Activity?

Once the camera detects suspicious activity, it immediately sounds off the alarm. Depending on the company, it launches a certain decibel of sound, but some providers offer customization on the volume you require. The sound is enough to scare away most intruders from your property.

What Is The Range Of View For The Cameras?

High-end cameras with premium lenses offer a better range than the affordable options. This is solely dependent on the amount you’re willing to spend on your security system. It is all based on your need for safety, the situation you are in, and the things you need to protect. So, if you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars, then you can get high resolution, long-range video quality.

Can Anyone Hack Into The Live Surveillance System?

Security is a major issue for live surveillance. This is why it is essential to approach reliable security system providers. They have the resources to prevent any security breach in their systems. Contacting a budget-friendly security provider might save you money now, but they will not have the capacity to defend against hacker attacks.

What Are The Features That Come With Live Surveillance?

Features that the live surveillance camera systems offer vary from company to company. A high-end provider will provide you with motion-detecting cameras that are AI-powered and have in-built voice systems. Also, other systems offer only a simple camera setup. You can choose based on your requirements. The more features offered, the better control you will have over your property.

Do These Cameras Move Around Or Are They Stationary?

This is a customizable option for homeowners. You can choose to install single or multiple cameras around your home. You can also choose to opt for a stationary camera because your property is designed that way. If you require a more dispersed view, then a moving camera or multiple cameras will suit your needs. Premium cameras are also built to detect motion and move in the direction of the moving object to capture footage.

Are any of your questions not on this list? You must have gained some insight into what you’ll be dealing with when it comes to live video surveillance. Remember that the money you’re investing in a security system will turn out to be worth it.

Whether it is to prevent crime, mishaps, or accidents, a live surveillance system can make an unbelievable difference. Contact a trusted live video surveillance specialist with ample experience in their hand. They’ll know how to offer you the customized solutions you need to keep your family and home safe.