Mom With $8 In Her Bank Account Refuses $5,000 Gift For Most Selfless Reason

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An Australian radio station known for doing viral acts of kindness ran into a little snag recently. The radio station called upon a woman named Ashleigh who was in desperate need of some cash.

Ashleigh’s father had just passed away due to a heart attack and Ashleigh had to purchase flights to New Zealand on credit after she found out. But Ashleigh didn’t have the money to pay off that debt. “It’s just really hard being here without anybody,” Ashleigh explained to the hosts.

That is when the radio station offered to give Ashleigh $5,000 cash…but there was twist. 

radio station money kindness

The hosts grabbed a stranger off the street– a woman named Kate– and handed her the money. They explained Ashleigh’s situation to Kate and gave her 24-hours to decide whether to keep the money or give it to Ashleigh.

Kate goes on to reveal she’s living in a difficult situation. She works two jobs– one as a nighttime cleaning lady at her daughter’s preschool– and recently received a disconnection notice for her electricity. The hardworking mom confessed she only has $8 in her bank account.

Despite Kate’s horrible financial situation and stresses of life…she decided to give the cash over to Ashleigh. The radio station was absolutely blown away with the generosity of Kate…that both radio hosts offered up $2,500 each…of their own cash to give to Ashleigh! 

Check out the video below!

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