Rare Footage Of A Pregnant Male Seahorse Giving Birth

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It’s extremely rare to see a seahorse give birth in the wild, but that’s exactly what two members of Project Seahorse, a conservationist group, captured with a GoPro camera this past November.

Clayton and Meagan were diving off the coast of eastern Australia when they saw a White’s seahorse. Call it good timing, luck, or fate, but the pregnant male was just about to give birth.

Other than pipefish, seahorses are the only known males in the animal kingdom to incubate and birth offspring. At the time of fertilization, the female seahorse deposits her eggs into the male’s gestational pouch. Two to four weeks later, the eggs hatch, and the father gives birth to anywhere from 100 to 1,000 babies.

Witness the amazing birth below.

meagan abele


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