VIDEO | Just A Couple Of Rattlesnakes Duking It Out On Someones Patio…For 3-Hours!

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Sometimes you and your best bud get into a little tiff and you have to fight it out. You know how it goes, late night, maybe you all have had a few too many adult beverages and a little tussle ensues.

In this case, a couple of rattlesnakes had beef with one another and decided to use on Arizona man’s backyard patio as their fighting ring.

Experts state the snakes fight is all part of what they call the ‘winter wind down’. Some snakes gather food, some mate and some fight it out.

After the fight, the snakes headed for the home owners grill to spend the night. Snake removal experts were called in and the two fighting snakes were removed, but there was a little surprise in the grill. A third snake, a female was also hiding in there! Yikes!



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