Readymade Sneeze Guard vs Custom Sneeze Guards: Which One Is Better On The Cashier Counter?

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Sneeze guards are one kind of glass barrier. It creates insulation between clients and the employees or protects the products from direct touch. If you have a selling point and you need to conduct with customers directly, installing a sneeze guard in your reception area or the checkout area is very necessary. You will find several readymade sneeze guards varying in size, glass type, glass supporting stand type, etc. It is also possible to get custom sneeze guards. You will have to define your needs based on your service point. If the readymade options are not suitable for your business point, you will have to think about the customized options.


Protect Your Employees from Viral Diseases Such As Coronavirus

Some viral diseases like coronavirus spread by direct contact. For avoiding these life-taking diseases you need to maintain protection between the customers and the employees. Maintaining a social distance is a social rule nowadays for the pandemic situation. In such circumstances, you cannot just shut your business down for a long period. To overcome the pandemic, the sneeze guard is the best solution. By implementing this protective glass, the employees will feel safe from getting virus-affected through the outsider. At the same time, the customers will also feel comfortable for the insulation. These are vital for health security to deal with the pandemic.

For the functionality of cleanness, the customers don’t face any difficulties to get a clear vision of the products. You can also use the glass guard covering the food or grocery item display. This will act as a protector from direct touch and it is also an effective way to defend the infectious virus. So, by any chance, if a virus-infected person comes to the shop, the products or food will not get in touch with that person. Thus you can prevent the pandemic virus spread.

Which Type Of Sneeze Guard Is Better For A Cashier Counter?

There are several types of sneeze guards for using in different places. Portable sneeze guards are the perfect fit for using in the cashier counters. You can use these in the cash counter of a medical store, grocery shop, coffee shop, or any product selling place. It ensures that the cashiers who attend the clients directly are in insulation and well protected. The hanging sneeze guards are also perfect for the checkout counters. To get the best results, you can use a washable clean divider to create a physical separation at any counter. Sneeze guards for the counters can be made of either acrylic or tempered glass for getting the maximum durability. For all of these options, custom sneeze guards are better to use because you can get these according to your requirements.

Tips To Keep Sneeze Guards Clean

Bakery owner wiping down surfaces wearing mask, following protocol against the propagation of Covid-19. She is dressed in black wiping the protective plexiglass. Horizontal waist up indoors shot with copy space.

Sneeze guards display glass and it is a must to keep the glasses perfectly clean. A turbid glass may create a bad impression of your product among the clients. Cleaning or maintaining a sneeze guard is not the same for the other glasses. You need to follow some extra rules for keeping this type of protector glasses clean. Otherwise, the glasses will need frequent cleaning that is a real hassle.

  • You should clean these glasses at room temperature using warm water and liquid mild soap to get a durable cleaning. Detergent can be the replacement of liquid soap. And don’t forget to use cold clean water to rinse the soap.
  • After cleaning, it is a thumb rule to make the glass surface dry to avoid the water spots. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to make the surface dry.
  • To extend durability, avoid alkaline or highly ammoniated cleaners.
  • Don’t use squeegees, blades, razors, or any sharp tools for scraping. It will create scratch marks on the clean glass surface. It is very necessary to keep the sneeze guards clear for a better display view.
  • Never use acetone, benzene, or carbon tetrachloride for cleaning purposes. These will result in surface crystallization, etching, stress fractures, and decomposition.


Which Company Offers Best Quality Sneeze Guard?

If you are looking for an authentic online seller for sneeze guard, Fab Glass & Mirror can be the best option for you. There are several reasons behind this:

  • Fab Glass & Mirror provides high-quality sneeze guards. These are specially designed to protect the spread of harmful germ or virus coming in touch with customers or any other infectious person.
  • These are usable in reception areas of the medical centers for the protection quality.
  • These are also compatible as glass barriers in the purchasing points for ensuring the social distance.
  • You can use these in the grocery stores, food purchasing points, and other selling points where you need to display the food of products. These glasses from Fab Glass & Mirror are super clear to showcase the product in an original glorious look. Also, they maintain perfection to protect the spread of infectious diseases through direct contact.
  • You can easily afford the glasses from here. Nevertheless, glasses from here are worth buying for the quality of your budget.

Whatever your reason to buy is, the glasses from Fab Glass & Mirror can serve the purposes. There are some other reasons also:

  • The product shipment is free of cost nationwide
  • The online payment is quite easy there as they accept credit cards, PayPal, and also Amazon Pay. However, the payment method is fully secured by premium SSL.
  • If you feel any problem, you can contact their customer care directly. They maintain the best 24/7 customer support because they care about the client’s journey from the time they buy it and use it.
  • They are certified for safety packaging, so don’t worry about getting any damaged product. If unfortunately, it happens, you can return it without losing your money.

Moreover, you can order custom sneeze guards according to your requirement. All of these reasons are enough to decide to buy sneeze guards from Fab Glass & Mirror.