Recalled Tanning Spray Almost Kills 25-Year-Old Woman

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Covering up pale skin is a personal choice, just as is choosing which method works best for your schedule and body. While some people choose to lay in tanning beds or get a spray tan in a salon, there are plenty of people who turn to lotions and sprays that can be applied right at home.

25-year-old Lucy Fowler chose to go with this latter option, purchasing the St. Tropez Instant Wash Off Face and Body Spray in an attempt to make her skin a little more even and tanned.

It was a nice day outside, and she wanted to be able to feel confident wearing a pair of shorts.


As she began to spray the solution on her legs, though, her entire chest began to seize up.  “I started feeling ill,” she explained. “My chest started to tighten and I thought maybe I had used too much. I was in the bathroom with the window open but my chest started getting really tight.”


She even attempted to walk away from the fumes, but it seemed that the damage had already been done. She called emergency responders and was soon rushed to the hospital, where she required oxygen treatment.


Medics began researching the spray that Fowler had used, and found out that it had been recalled three years prior. Although this product can no longer be sold due to the recall, Fowler claimed she had purchased it just a few weeks prior.


Fowler has since been put off of the idea to ever use fake tan in the future. “I don’t ever want to go through anything like that again,” she said.

Scary stuff! I think I’ll stick to the sun for all of my tanning needs!

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