These Recycled Tire Speakers Are Perfect For Outdoor Parties!

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When it comes to throwing a party, you always want to have something that stands out and makes your party something to remember. Well, we have found a true conversation piece…and a functional one at that! 

The beauty of this item is you can make it yourself! Or you could buy one…but making one would be so much cheaper!

You can bump some serious tunes through a recycled tire speaker!

Japan Trend Shop whipped up this design gem, using recycled Yokohama tires as a cabinet for a speaker. There’s only one full-range 15-watt speaker in the middle, so the audio quality probably won’t blow you away, but hey, you’re not buying a speaker built into a tire for the audio quality. This one is made to show off, and comes with a display stand to help you do just that.

recycled tire speaker

You can buy one of these…but it will set you back roughly $735


You can make your own. Finding a used tire is easy enough, while finding a speaker to fit the hole is equally as easy. 

Here is a good Youtube tutorial on how to make your own!


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