Here Is How You Can Refill Those Tiny Green Propane Tanks!

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Who knew you could refill those small green propane tanks?  Have left over gas in the big grill propane tank? Refill your small green tanks using the larger tank and save a little money.  Less waste is always a good thing.  


Propane tanks of the smaller size, used in camping or lighting situations cost around $3.50 and if you refill them from a bigger supply tank from the grill, it will cost you roughly .50 cents for a refill.  

All you need is this little bugger below!


Propane Tank Refill Adaptor from Cabela’s  costs roughly $18.  If you want to divide that number by 1/3, hit up Ebay as we saw some on there for roughly $6.00, but you get what you pay for sometimes. Dealing with propane I’d spend a little extra and get a trusted brand. 

There are many boring YouTube channels on this topic, but the important thing is to remember to freeze your tank before you do you any refilling.  For safety reasons we have provided the shortest video we could find.


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