Refrigerator: What Should You Choose and Why?

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Your space is your personal zone and you can make it as smart as you want it to be. If you are looking forward to purchasing a refrigerator, you should make a good choice. There are plenty of options out there to pick from.  Indeed, in these contemporary times, a kitchen cannot exist in the absence of a refrigerator. The refrigerator was a thing for lavish and high stated people a few years back and presently it has turned out to be a necessity.

Refrigerators are helpful in the storage of fruits and vegetables and also keeping their freshness intact. It even caters space for scrumptious desserts and ice creams. The equipment also helps in keeping the degree of nutrients in the food intact that imparts a healthier living. Nowadays, because of the advancement of technology different kinds of refrigerators have been introduced in the market like double door refrigerators with different features and so on. Since the variety is immense, it is challenging to make a decision on the type of refrigerator one should buy. It is because one requires keeping in mind the span for which he or she is planning to use the equipment. It is a move that depends on different types of factors such as the capacity of storage, technologies introduced, and coverage of space, consumption of energy, preferences of family members and even that of the budget.

Different Types of Refrigerators

There are different types of options in refrigerators and a few are like:

Direct Cool Refrigerator

These are the types of refrigerators that are more basic in nature where fans do not get used for cooling the fridge compartment. The cooling is an outcome of a natural kind of convection wherein one part could get cooler than some other areas within the compartment. Nevertheless, these refrigerators are absolutely energy efficient for the same reason. It encompasses only a couple of single-door refrigerators under it. Recently, a few of the direct cool refrigerators have been featured with a digital type of auto defrost technology to evade the procedure of manual defrosting.

Frost Free Refrigerator

In the present time, most of the refrigerators except a couple of basic ones are frost-free refrigerators.  These frost-free refrigerators are made up of electric fans that help in circulating cool air within the chambers. It is something that avoids the creation of ice outside the freezer and assists in the controlled cooling of compartments. These refrigerators are even catered by the auto defrost technology. Moreover, you know the frost-free refrigerators are the finest at keeping a proper and consistent temperature all throughout the compartments of your refrigerator. There is hardly any difference between frost-free and that of direct cool refrigerators anymore.

Double Door ones: what are they?


These double door ones are huger in size and as the name suggests, they have two doors up front and caters a storage capacity of nearly two hundred to six hundred lit. One door covers the compartments of the fridge that upkeeps temperatures between zero and ten degree centigrade whereas the other door simply seals the freezer chamber that upkeeps the lower temperature environment. The presence of two separate doors diminishes the chances of heat escape even when the fridge stays open frequently.

What are the benefits of double door fridge?

  • Separate doors for the fridge section and also the freezer sections
  • There are diverse varieties of shelves installed in the space
  • Fridge and freezer are absolutely separate
  • The freezer chamber is really huge in size
  • Longer and bigger bottles can be stored.

Side-By-Side Refrigerator

This is the type of refrigerator that consists of two doors side by side. It is just like a cupboard. These refrigerators have huge capacity of storage up to eight hundred ten lit and could have the ice and water dispenser within. Refrigerators of this kind that have water dispensers allow you to fill up glasses without opening the door. The cupboard-like design caters the use of a lot of space for storage and 2 doors assist in saving on energy consumption. Certainly, you can easily grab the bottles from within and keep ample stuff therein.

Are there any advantages of side-by-side fridge?

Yes, there are a few like:

  • 2 doors side by side just like a spacious cupboard
  • Caters massive capacity freezer and fridge
  • Caters lots of space for keeping vegetables in the nicely spread out shelves
  • Water and ice dispenser can also get installed
  • Absolutely efficient at saving energy.

Bottom Mounted Refrigerator


These are the refrigerators that own a unique design wherein the freezer section lays at the bottom and the fridge section is installed on top. This type of a design is a lot more easy-going because in such cases, one does not need to bend every time to take out vegetables or fruits. The bottom freezer section possesses a big compartment for gathering an ample amount of frozen meals and ice that can be required occasionally. There are a few advantages of this type of fridge and these are:

  • Huge freezer chambers provide space for a lot more frozen food
  • It has been designed in an efficient manner
  • It is more user-friendly with better access
  • Distinct type of design with trendy looks

A few features you should not miss out on

Features to look out for:

These refrigerators own several features in diverse combinations:

  • Shelves could be wired, acrylic or even that of tempered glass type. Tempered glass shelves are usually the best.
  • Ice and water dispensers are a good feature chiefly present in side-by-side doors. It is used to fill glasses with cold waterwithout needing to open the doors of the refrigerator.
  • Swift -freeze compartments or that of chillers are for the ones who need ice frequently and at a short time
  • Separators are helpful to organize fruits and vegetables in the separate containers
  • Deodorizers do keep the food fresh for a longer time
  • You must check for the noise level for any type of humming sounds in the fridge
  • Child lock is a good feature in the fridge that can help you keep your children away.


Thus, you have to decide what you want in your refrigerator. You just came across many things and once you have them in mind you can make a good choice.