Never Let Him Go If You Can Say These 12 Things About Him

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There comes a time in most women’s lives that they will find the man of their dreams. A man that they simply could not imagine a day without and look forward a new adventure together, everyday. When you meet this man, there is an undeniable feeling of love and a connection that can not be explained by words. This is what life is about ladies!

Typically when this man enters your life, you know it, if you don’t know it…try asking yourself these 12 questions. If you find yourself relating to all of them, then by all means men…never let him go!

And for him… Never Let Her Go If You Can Say These 11 Things About Her

He Makes You Laugh

Humor is one of the most important qualities to have in a partner. If your man can make you smile and laugh on a daily basis, that is something you should truly cherish and never let go of. We are not talking about a general little chuckle here and there, we are talking about a true sense of humor. Someone that knows how to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Having a man with a true sense of humor is like finding the golden ticket…you don’t want to let that go!

He Is Affectionate

The kind of guy that wakes up next to you in the morning, puts his arm around you, holds you and just gently rubs you until you wake up, occasionally moving bits of your hair our from your face and tucking it behind your ear.

The kind of guy that randomly comes up behind you throughout the day, wraps his arms around you and just wants to hold you. The occasional, quick dry hump in the kitchen is okay too, that is where your man’s humor and affection combine and you ladies, have yourself a one hell of a man cocktail.

He Listens

Your man listens to you. Hangs on every word, shows true, genuine interest in all that you speak. You could be talking about something that you have talked about a million times over…but he listens. He offers advice but will ‘often’ side with you no matter what, because he knows better:-)

He Is Good With Kids

If you have children already, this is huge. If you want children in the future, this is huge.

Ladies, you want a man who is naturally good with kids. The type of man that makes you smile when you see him interacting with children. Sporting that smile that tells you ‘what an incredible father this man would be/or is’.

He Adores You

He can’t get enough of you. He talks about you all the time to his family and friends, blows up your social media feeds and can’t keep his hands off you at home. Sometimes this type of person may be a little too much, but all in all ladies, you should be grateful. When you have a man who expresses his love for you as such, it truly means he absolutely adores you…and that is a wonderful feeling.

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He Does The Dishes

He’s clean! He enjoys keeping a tidy home, whether you live together or not…his space is always ‘somewhat’ clean. If walk into your kitchen at any given time of day and your man is doing the dishes, preferably singing while doing so…he is a keeper!

He Can Cook…Sort Of

There are many different types of men that ‘cook’ out there. You have some men that are extremely knowledgeable in the kitchen and others that are…well…not so good, but they try.

In this case, if the attempt is there…he typically is a keeper.

I met the man of my dreams…on our first date he said he would cook for me.  I showed up at his home, super nervous and excited, just waiting to see this incredible meal he had prepared for us…….and he made Chicken Alfredo…with Alfredo sauce from a can. He literately threw some chicken in a pan and dumped some sauce on it…Boom…Chicken Alfredo was served.

I laughed inside, but I knew he tried and it wasn’t about the canned sauce…it was all about the thought and care he put into it. He had candles, flowers, music and kind words. We have been together for 5 years…and we have not had Chicken Alfredo since that day.

He Is Smart

He doesn’t have to be brilliant, but being generally smart is a good thing. The type of man that might say things at times that make you ask yourself ‘what the heck did he just say?’, or ‘I wish I knew what that word meant?’ That kind of smart.

If he has the ingenuity to fix things around the house…that is a plus too!

He Tells You How Beautiful You Are

This is a small trait that goes a long way. We all want to be beautiful inside and out and having a man who lets you know how beautiful you are to him is super important. I can honestly say that my other half tells me at least twice a day, how beautiful I am. It doesn’t matter if I am all sweaty from just going for a run, or I just woke up looking like I have been travelling through the Amazon all night, he lets me know how beautiful I am to him.

He Surprises You

You know what I’m talking about ladies. When you come home from a long day at work and there are hand picked flowers on your table. Or maybe your man shows up at your work and brings you your favorite coffee to help get you through the day. Life, love and relationships are all about the ‘little things’ and these types of small surprises truly show that you are cared for.

Guys, if you are reading this…you can score some serious points with the good ol’ random coffee drop off at the workplace! Just an FYI!

He Respects You

This is a very simple one, he doesn’t hurt you or treat you with disrespect. He doesn’t lay his hands on you and will protect you from any harm that may come your way. NEVER, stay with a man who hurts you. You don’t deserve it and he doesn’t deserve you, remember that.

Your Parents Like Him

If your parents don’t like him, you shouldn’t either. Parents have an incredible way of knowing what is good for you and what isn’t. If your parents are not keen on you being with a certain man, you can almost bet that the relationship will go sour real quick.

Typically if your parents fell he isn’t good for you, he isn’t. They are able to see character flaws and personality traits in this person that you may be blind to. It doesn’t hurt to listen to your folks when it comes to relationship advice…you don’t have to take the advice, but they are probably right:-)

If your parents think he is great, he more than likely is. There is nothing better than having a partner that gets along with your family and becomes one with them.

Well there you have it, if you find these 12 things are common in your relationship…by all means ladies, never let this man go!

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