Car Thieves Use Special Tool To Steal Keyless Mercedes In Under One Minute

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Now this is scary!

A recent video shared by the West Midland Police Department in the UK shows two thieves using “relay boxes” to pick up the key fob’s signal from inside the owner’s house and transmit it to the car.

Relay boxes are a becoming more and more popular with thieves as they allow them to steal vehicles quickly and without the actual car key.

In the video below you will see two thieves, each carrying a relay box. One thief stands next to the car while the other scans his relay box in front of the house. That relay box with receive a signal from the cars key fob that is inside the house and transmit the signal to the other thief’s relay box, who is standing next to the vehicle. The car is tricked into thinking the real key is present and the doors unlock. The car can then be started as well.

The relay box signal can penetrate through walls, doors and just about any material. The only thing that prevents the signal from passing is metal.

The security video was taken in September, 2017 and the Mercedes in the video has not been recovered.

Sometimes, technology isn’t a good thing!