Restaurant’s Giant Aquarium Cracks, Gushes Water Into Dining Room

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Restaurant's Giant Aquarium Cracks


A Vietnamese restaurant got a little Christmas day surprise when their massive aquarium cracked during dinner service, sending water all over the place!

Vietopia in Houston, Texas, eating a meal on Christmas Day when the glass aquarium cracked, forcing wait staff to jump into action. The employees tried to catch the gushing water with two large garbage cans, seen in a video of the incident. The staff then started to move the tables and chairs away from the quickly flooding area.

The woman who posted the video on Facebook was dining at the restaurant with her mom.

“I took my mom to Vietopia for dinner and the giant aquarium cracked!” she captioned the video. “The staff got to work cleaning pronto and people are still being served.”

The owner of the restaurant stated that business went on as usual, despite the aquarium situation!