Richard Simmons Is Tooling Around In Public Disguised And With A Cane

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With all the hype around Richard Simmons seemingly falling off the face of the earth…it’s only fitting to find out that he is alive, well and rocking a disguise and cane when in public! After all, Simmons can’t just walk around in one of his vibrant colored, one piece jumpsuits…that would be too obvious!

Richard Simmons alive

According to TMZ, Richard Simmons has been tooling around L.A. in disguises and a cane that are good enough that no one has noticed.

We’ve learned Simmons DOES leave his Hollywood Hills mansion we thought was his entire universe for the last 3 years. We’re told the disguises are not always elaborate … sometimes a hat and street clothes do the trick.

Richard Simmons Alive

Simmons is using a cane due to a recent knee injury and people are saying that Simmons has gained a bit of weight. It may be time for Simmons to whip out the old exercise tapes!

So now we all can rest easy knowing that Simmons is alive, well and just chillin’!

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