Robin Williams And What He Did When No One Was Looking.

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I can remember the first time I saw one of Robin William’s films. I was sitting with my dad and he was watching Good Morning Vietnam. I was immediately drawn to the one guy who wasn’t so serious in the movie. Soon after I watched Mrs. Doubtfire and was like…no way…this guy is everywhere and he is absolutely hilarious!

It was his high energy, his lightening fast mind and the way he connected with people that drew us all in. But, it was the stories of what he did off stage that made me a fan. He was the kind of guy that did good things for the sake of doing them. Here are a few of the great things William’s did off stage that most people don’t know about.

On Christmas Day in 1998, Robin walked into the children’s ward at San Francisco General Hospital with a bag full of toys. No one knew that he was coming, it wasn’t a publicity stunt. He asked to visit a premature baby who had just been stabilized by doctors and nurses – with tears in his eyes, he thanked them all for taking care of that tiny child when they could have been home celebrating with their own children.


When he flew across the country to be with a little girl who was dying of brain cancer.

In 2004, 5-year-old Jessica Cole was terminally ill with brain cancer. It was her greatest wish to meet her idol, Robin Williams. When she became too sick to meet up with him in California, he chartered his own private jet and flew out to meet her!

When he donated $50 thousand to the West Seattle Food Bank.

Without telling anyone, Robin donated his earnings from three separate stand-up comedy shows that he performed at the Showbox nightclub in Seattle. Just as the economy was collapsing and unemployment was skyrocketing, he saw a need and stepped up to help others out.

When used his celebrity status to give homeless people jobs.

Whenever Robin Williams was being booked for an event, one of his requirements was that for every film or event he did, the company had to hire a certain number of homeless people to work on set. Now THAT is how you multiply the good!

When he made a heartbroken Gorilla smile again.

When Koko the Gorilla found out that her best friend of 24 years had died, nothing could console her – she didn’t smile for six months! Also suffering from depression, Robin decided to visit The Gorilla Foundation to cheer Koko up. See how happy she is when he tickles her!


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