Robot Spy Gorilla Infiltrates A Wild Gorilla Troop

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The BBC has an incredibly fascinating program called ‘Spy In The Wild’ and it’s one of the coolest things you will ever see!

The basis for the show is simple. A robot look-a-like is created for various animals (Animatronic) and then the robot is placed in the wild. With one eye being a camera, all animal interactions with the robot are captured! In the episode below, a baby ‘robotic spy’ gorilla is created and placed within a troop of gorilla’s in the Brazilian jungle.

There are a ton of various Spy In The Wild Clips on Youtube, so if you like the one’s we shared here — definitely head over to Youtube to check out some more!

The Hippo

The Penguin

Theft is rife among nesting Adelie penguins as a predatory Skua steals an Eggcam and films an extraordinary view of the colony from the air. Animatronic spy creatures discover that mischief is rife in nature, but there are still rules that govern the animals’ lives.