12 Super Awesome Rock Cairn Sculptures That Take Art To A Whole New Level!

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Rock Cairn Sculptures are a passion of mine.  People around town know me as the rock guy, every town has one. Whenever I’m walking my eyes are always spying the terrain for that special rock.  Here are some of my favorite rock sculptures. -RyanRockCairn

1. Rock Person

The Rock People of Bainbridge Island –  Along the Winslow shoreline on Bainbridge Island you will see a half dozen rock people enjoying their everyday poses.  The rock people are held together will a little mortor.  The artist Ethan Currier as made his mark in the rock world.



2. Wall with a twist

Johnny Clasper of Yorkshire, UK was a former brick layer and has turned his knowledge of stone into creative energy.  Using hundreds of rocks he brings a rock wall to life.

AD-Stone-Sculptures-Mosaic-Johny-Clasper-01 (1)


3. Virgin of Rocks

Artist  Manuel Garcia Calderron is not new to the rock sculpting arena and he also is well known for using other mediums as well.  Well done Manuel this is awesome!!!!

Virgin of Rocks


4. Echo Van De Veluwe

Artist Chris Booth is from New Zealand and his skills have passed the test of art and creativity.  Here he brings us an organized rock wall….well kinda.



5. Wheels without Mortar

The Artist John Shaw Remmington at the thinking stoneman created a simple circle using rectangle blocks of stone.



6. The Gift

The artist Carl Peverall has a super passion for rocks.  He picks the corrects rocks for his project and then drills holes into the rocks and then slides them along a rod and uses a little glue.



7. Driftwood Cairn

The artist Tamas Kamas made this one of a kind piece of art one day on the beach and just left it there.



8.  Stacked Perfect

Woods Davy is the cream of the crop when it comes to precision drilling and using shadows to his advantage.



9.  Wet & Wild

Artist and photographer Michael Grab of Gravity Glue created this very cool wet & wild rock bridge. I wonder how long it stood the test of time?



10. Arch De Rock

Primarily working with stone Obadiah Bourne Buell is a self-taught craftsman.  A few years ago I took his class, that’s me in the photo.  I was amazed by his talents and he gave me inspiration to create my own projects.



11. Rock Guard Dog.

Artist Michael Eckerman made this angry rock guard dog.  When you see a dog dip his head like that you know it’s about to get serious.

Michael Eckerman Guard Dog


12. Drawing Board

Slate sculpture of R.J. Mitchell took over 2000 hours. The drawing board can actually tilt. By Stephen Kettle. stephenkettle.co.uk

stephen kettel mitchell



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