Rose Succulents: The Rare Plants That Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale

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Rose succulents are rare plants native to the Canary Islands. However, due to the availability of the seeds online, more and more people are growing their own! Due to their succulent nature, they can retain water in hot climates and arid soil conditions.

These rose succulents look as though they are straight out of a fairytale! They mainly grow in various shades of green, giving off a beautiful fresh and magical appearance.

Besides the absolute beauty of rose succulents, they do have some great health benefits too! They can help to purify the air in your home and produce fresh oxygen! Green plants require carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and in the process, oxygen and water are given off as by-products. They suck in contaminated air and release pure, fresh oxygen into the atmosphere.

Another awesome benefit to rose succulents, you can grow them just about anywhere in the world! Succulents are thick leaved plants that can thrive in most conditions, where as other plants can not. They don’t need to be watered that much as they retain water extremely well. So basically, these are perfect if you want a house full of awesome plants, but may not be the best at keeping normal plants alive. These succulents only need a fair amount of sunlight to thrive also.

Here is a great video on how to care for your rose succulents!